Why Stepping On A LEGO Hurts So Much

March 23, 2015 | Updated: 8:40 a.m., March 23, 2015

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Why Stepping On A LEGO Hurts So Much

Ah man, everything is awesome for LEGO.  They got shows, movies, sets for all kinds of kids, and adults, and they only thing they got against them is how much it hurts when you step on one!

Seriously, how does a brick the size of a breath mint bring a full grown man to his knees?!

Well it turns out, a LEGO is not going to squish under your foot unless you weigh about 953 pounds.  Each little demon brick can take about 4,240 Newtons of force.

Plus, if you’re running, the impact of your foot on the ground is nine times your body weight.  Now stick a little pointy thing that won’t bend or squish under there and try not cry.  Even if you’re walking, each step could be twice your body weight.  So just a casual stroll on a LEGO could make your eyes well up.

It doesn’t help that the bottom of your foot is one of the most sensitive areas on your body.  Your foot’s got 100 to 200 thousand exteroceptors, or basically nerves, that connect directly to your brain.

So you step on that brick, and all that pressure and pain, concentrated around something no bigger than your pinky nail, is going to give you a very strong response, you may not want you kids to hear.


The good news is, as much as it hurts, it doesn’t do too much damage, but it can be argued that as long as people have feet, we’ll have LEGOs to watch out for.  I mean , they got a quality product, that’s exploding right now, with the LEGO Movie sequel coming out, ton’s of LEGO video games, sets for every thing you can think of, animals, heroes, cars, planes, trains, and even fine art!

But hey, there’s these things that combine your love of LEGO and protect your feet!

Happy stepping America!