Spicy Holiday Cocktail

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Susan Palma, co-author of "Sophistication is Overrated" has the perfect cocktail for you to enjoy on Christmas morning.

A cocktail in the morning? Hey, it's Christmas! So why not?

But you won't be boozing it too hard before breakfast. This hearty Spicy Holiday Cocktail is full of the good stuff, too. Start out with plain tomato juice in a pitcher. Add horseradish sauce and Tabasco sauce to taste. Then add just an ounce or so of quality vodka. Remember, this drink is popular in the morning time, it's not intended to kick you off your feet. Next, run a lemon wedge around the rim of your glass and dip into celery salt. To finish it all off, add olives, a stalk of celery, and a wedge of cucumber.

With a hearty drink like this, you might not overdue it at the lunch table this Christmas.

Then again, go ahead and indulge. 'Tis the season!

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Full recipe with measurements

Wilted celery stalks are out; freshly sliced cucumber
stalks are in. They add a new flavor, and the celery salt
takes care of that traditional celery craving if there is
one. Because of the full flavors, these do well as
non-alcoholic versions. We just don't understand that concept.


1 46-ounce can tomato juice
3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
¾ teaspoon Tabasco sauce (red)
¼ cup horseradish
Celery salt
Fresh lime or lemon juice
1 8-ounce jar of good, green olives soaked in
vodka to cover
1 large cucumber cut into thin stalks

Mix the tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce,
Tabasco sauce, and horseradish in a pitcher.
Sprinkle an ample amount of celery salt on a small
plate, wet the edge of each glass with fresh lime
or lemon juice, and then turn the wet rim in the
celery salt. Pour 1 jigger of vodka into each glass,
add ice, pour in the tomato juice mixture, and add
2 olives. Garnish with 1 cucumber stalk.
Serves 4 to 6
Serving hint:
To avoid diluting the cocktail,
refrigerate the glasses and tomato juice mixture
ahead of time and spare the ice.