Hills That Defy Gravity: That’s Weird

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A strange phenomenon can be experienced on a hill in the small town of Middlesex, New York. The location on Newell Road has come to be known as “Spook Hill.”

At the peak of the road, just as the pavement appears to decline, a car stopped in neutral will roll backwards up-hill. Many believe it’s just an optical illusion or Earth’s magnetic forces at work.

But, others think the cause could be more supernatural in nature.

Stories tell of a an old Native American burial ground nearby and that the spirits of those passed are pushing cars back up.

This phenomenon is not specific to just Middlesex. Gravity hills can be found all over the world, with many cases documented on video. Other objects are also affected by the mystery.

Skeptics have put the hills to the test, using magnetic detectors and levels to see if it is just an illusion. All indications seem to show that these hills are just an illusion and what seems to look up-hill is actually down.


Even if there is solid proof that these are optical illusions, the mystery and history surrounding Spook Hill in Middlesex continues to draw attention from people all around.