The Hand-Maid Crumb Sweeper: Does It Work?

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If you need to quickly clean up dirt, pet hair, or crumbs from your sofa or table, then the Hand-Maid Crumb Sweeper may be the solution for you.

No batteries or electricity required, the Hand Maid cleans up crumbs and dust with a back and forth sweeping motion.

It utilizes a pair of hard rolling bristles on the bottom to get the job done.

But does it work?

Oliver Tull tested out the Hand-Maid and gave it a rating of -1 saying it's "the dumbest thing ever."

It looks like a giant computer mouse with rolling bristles that are supposed to collect dirt and crumbs as you roll it over a couch or other surface.


But what ends up happening is this: all those crumbs you collect with the Hand-Maid just spill right back out as you lift it up and keep rolling.