The History of the Big Mac

McDonald's signature burger made with two all beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and topped off with their special sauce on a sesame seed bun was originally sold for only 45 cents.

The Bic Mac, originally created to compete with the Big Boy sandwich from Big Boy restaurants throughout the northern part of the U.S., was thought up in 1965 by a McDonald’s franchise owner Jim Delligatti.  He tried to get it on the menu for a while and by 1967 the sold the sandwich was being sold for less than half a dollar in his Uniontown, Pennsylvania McDonald's.

And it took off.

By 1968, the Big Mac was on the menu of every McDonald's throughout the country.  It even went through a couple of name changes. Apparently it was once called the Aristocrat and at one point was named the Blue Ribbon Burger. It wasn’t until 21-year-old advertising secretary Esther Glickstein Rose came up with the “Big Mac.” The name stuck and resulted in the jingle that changed the nation.

Now there's an even bigger sandwich called the Grand Mac circulating around North Texas, It’s made with all the goodness we love from the original Big Mac... just a lot more of it.

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