Man’s Attempt to Ride Skateboard Made of Glass Ends Painfully

You make it, the folks at Braille Skateboarding will ride it — even if it’s made of glass.

The company, whose mission is to encourage skateboarding worldwide and help amateurs get recognition, has a popular YouTube series devoted to skating on boards made of challenging materials — from saw blades to a flat screen television, if it has wheels it’s fair game.

In the July 9 episode of “You Make It We Skate It,” however, a company called Avenue Trucks sent them a skateboard deck made of glass. Things were going well as they took turns cruising around a skate park on the transparent board … until about the 7:30 mark, that is:

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  • Babaganoosh

    Although great in concept, it was basically designed to fail. The screws going in to the trucks were builtin weak points in the design. If they used a upper plate and lower plate of aluminum on either side of the board, then put the screws through, it would have spread out the pressure being applied in the fastening and reduced the likelyhood of failure. Instead, you had all that pressure located in four very small places. If you watch the slow motion closely, you can see that is exactly where it fails, first in the back, then in the front.