Community Rallies for Homeless College Student Living in a Tent

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In Georgia a GoFundMe account for a homeless college student is literally growing by the minute.

Fred Barley is a biology major who dreams of becoming a Psychiatrist.

Fred Barley is a college student at Gordon State College and he’s homeless.

He was discovered one night by two police officers who were responding to a trespassing call near a parking lot.

“Hello? Is anybody in there?” “And I was like, ‘Yeah,’ said 19-year-old Fred. “I was nervous to answer. He was like, ‘Come out with your hands where we can see them.’ So, I zip open the tent and show my hands and say I’m good, I promise!”

He told the officers he had ridden his little brother’s bicycle six hours to register for classes for his second semester of college.


Barley told CNN affiliate WSB that police officers said they can’t let him stay there, but took him to a local motel and paid for his next two nights.

One of the police officer’s wives posted the teen’s story on Facebook. Hundreds of people responded, eager to help the young college student.

One supporter, Casey Blaney, partnered with the motel owner to pay for Barley’s stay until he can move into his dorm room, which the college is allowing him to do on Monday.


Debbie Adamson, the owner of a local pizzeria, gave Barley a job.

“I didn’t know his name. I didn’t know the color of his skin. I didn’t care,” Adamson told WSB. “I’ve been there, so I guess I had a soft spot for anyone who is that determined to succeed.”

The wave of supporters donated school supplies and clothes for Barley. A GoFundMe page created on July 12 has already raised nearly $173,000.

“I was shocked by how much support people will give …. Even people from across the country,” Barley said.

In a video message posted on Barley’s behalf, he promised to repay his supporters by keeping up his grades. He ends the video with a simple, sincere statement: “I love you all, and I want to make all of you guys proud.”