Tara Reid Ends Interview with Jenny McCarthy After Things Got Really Awkward

July 17, 2016 | Updated: 2:53 p.m., July 18, 2016

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It was the battle of the blondes. In the left corner former co-host of MTV’s Singled Out, Jenny McCarthy and it the right corner host and star of E!’s Taradise, Tara Reid.

Tara Reid came on Jenny McCarthy’s XM Radio show to promote the latest Sharknado movie. That should be simple enough right? Wrong. Things went south really quickly according to People.


The interview began with McCarthy, 43, complimenting Reid on her latest reality show appearance in Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

“I f—ing love you on that show, but are you glad you did it?” the host asked.
It seemed to have struck a nerve with the 40-year-old actress who didn’t want to discuss anything but her new SyFy film.

“It’s not worth the time to talk about,” Reid replied. “There’s confusing things about it. We are not talking about it.”


And that’s when it went from a sweet publicity interview  to the War of the Blondes. McCarthy pressed on about the show with Reid responding.

“Babe, I asked you, please let’s not talk about this show,” she begged. “We’re all here about Sharknado.”

The radio host somewhat obliged, asking Reid if she had gotten in shape for the film because if it had been her she would have worked out for “bad-ass muscle shape.”

“It’s not like you really need to get into shape. It’s Sharknado. They’re fake sharks,” Reid coldly replied.

Things only escalated from there.  The women went back and forth insulting each other until Reid hung up. You gotta listen.