How to Get Noticed at Work

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We are all looking to get noticed at work, get ahead, and hopefully get that promotion. Melinda Marcus, Expert in the Science of Influence, shared with us some specific ways you can do just that.

Melinda reminds us that it's not only important to have a mentor (someone who advocates for you), but also sponsor. The difference between a mentor and a sponsor is that a sponsor advocates for you when you are not in the room. They are not just your supporter when you are around, but all the time. The sponsor has to be someone towards the top of the organization: a real influencer.

If you don't know the top dog at your company, Melinda says there are strategic ways to get to know them.

First, if they are giving a talk or are on a news program write them an email and tell them what impressed you about what they said. Melinda says that, "very few people will do that follow-up so they'll remember you."

Second, you can go online and find out what that CEO or executive is involved in, such as a non-profit organization. You can then volunteer to help with that non-profit and get more exposure to the higher-ups.

Melinda also emphasizes delivering on promises. If your boss asks for a report then you tell them you will deliver it on a certain day at a specific time. Then you do it! If you want to score points, you can always deliver early. This will totally impress them!

For more information on the Science of Influence, visit Melinda Marcus's website.