Some Good News to Brighten Your Day

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Good News! Some dancing firefighters help out 3-year-old Finley Smallwood was born at 31 weeks with brain bleeding, but that didn't stop Christina Smallwood and her husband from adopting her. After she hadn't started walking at age 2, she was diagnosed with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy.  Finley has just been approved for Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, a surgery where each nerve in her spine will be test and cut. But with such an amazing surgery comes an amazing price point...almost $50,000.  Christina's friends wanted to help, so they created the Dare to Dance Challenge using the firefighters in the North Hollywood fire station to dance in order to raise money for Finley.

 Good News! Firefighters rescue some baby ducks after a call to the Los Angeles Fire Department about a sound coming from a storm drain next to a busy road led to the rescue of 10 adorable ducklings.  While they don't know HOW they got down there, the LAFD managed to save them all and make sure they got to a neighbor, safely.

Good News! People respond to a rapper's call for peace after weeks filled with news about police shootings and attacks ON police, hip-hop artist The Game held a town-hall style meeting to call for an end to all violence. Called “Time to Unite: Untied Hoods + Gangs Nation,” The Game hoped to get gang members and community leaders to come together – and considering the event was attended by hundreds, it seems like his message might have been heard.

See, good news is all around – you just have to know where to look...