Find Out What Facebook Knows About You

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Are you on Facebook?  Yes, that is the dumbest question ever because over 1.5 billion people are actively using it.

So, yeah, you're on Facebook. And you've probably noticed all those ads in your timeline-- those ads that seem to know you a little too well.

When you're on Facebook and checking out a political candidate or you like a friend's band page, Facebook remembers all that; then the site adds that to the information it has from other outside sources to customize your Ad preferences.

So, what can you do about it? How do you find out what all Facebook knows about you?

Do this:

  1. First, go to Facebook and under the drop down menu, click 'Settings' then 'Ads.' You'll see a section called ' Ads based on my preferences' – click edit.
  2. Ignore the warning that pops up by clicking 'Visit Ad Preferences.'  Here, you'll see a bunch of different categories.
  3. Find the ones you don't like or aren't relevant to you and "x" them out.

Doing this won't get rid of ads, and could either make them more or even less relevant to you. The point is, you should know what a company the size of Facebook knows about you.

And remember: going online isn't private. Websites will go to crazy lengths to see what you're doing online and try to make money off of it.