Ice Cream Museum in New York Will Have a Pool Filled with Sprinkles

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Ice cream fans rejoice!

Our friends at pointed out to us that an ice cream museum is coming soon to New York City.  Yes, we said ice cream museum!

The Museum of Ice Cream is scheduled to open in August, and organizers promise a “lick-able, likeable and shareable” experience celebrating creativity, passion and ice cream.  We’re not exactly sure what that means, but it sounds delicious.

Museum curators are pretty tight-lipped about their planned exhibitions, but they did mention a swimmable rainbow sprinkles pool.

There are no images or video of  the rainbow sprinkles pool, so we put together an EO artist’s rendition of what we think it will look like.

The museum also promises edible balloons, an ice-cream sandwich swing,  a giant collaborative sundae, an area to taste test never-before-tasted flavors with a food futurist and and an "immersive" chocolate room.


We're not sure what exactly an immersive chocolate room is, but we hope it's Willy Wonka IRL.

We're definitely swiping right for The Museum of Ice Cream. And speaking of Tinder, the museum is even working with the popular dating app to help match you with your soulmate based on which ice cream flavors you like.

Tickets are only available online.