Police Wear Red Bands As Sign of Disgust Over Attacks on Officers

Groveland PD Red Bands

Law enforcement officers typically wear black bands over their badges to mourn the loss of fellow officers. We’ve seen a lot of this recently following ambush attacks in Dallas and Baton Rouge that left eight police officers dead and 12 more injured.

The Groveland, Florida police department has taken this a step further by wearing red bands on their badges.

“The red band across a Law Enforcement Officer badge is a sign that we are angry and disgusted about all the recent attacks on Law Enforcement Officers,” the department wrote on its Facebook page.

The department said it is joining in along with many other agencies by wearing the red badge bands “to send the message that enough is enough.”

The department on social media also thanked the community for the recent show of support.

On the evening of July 7, Micah Xavier Johnson ambushed a group of police officers in Dallas during a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest and march. Five officers were killed and nine others were wounded.

Organizers of the march were protesting the death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in Minnesota.

Johnson told negotiators he was specifically targeting white officers. He was killed by an explosive device placed by a bomb robot.

Ten days later in Baton Rouge, Gavin Eugene Long shot six police officers in an apparent ambush. They were responding to reports of a suspicious person carrying a rifle. Three officers died and three more were hospitalized.

Long was killed by SWAT officers during the six-minute shootout. He was identified by law enforcement as a black separatist who posted a series of rambling Youtube videos claiming to be a former Nation of Islam member. He also referred to Alton Sterling in at least one of the videos.

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