Travel Like A Pro With These Expert Tips

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School's out and traveling with children can get quite expensive. One of the best ways to do some traveling without the pricey plane tickets is to do a road trip.  Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman, has a few tips for how you can make your road trip fun and on a budget!

Make a boredom bag
A boredom bag is a traveling cosmetic bag that has a bunch of small games and electronics that you can hang on the back seat so the kids can get into it easily. Fill it up with their favorite things and when the road trip starts you'll have stuff to keep them occupied.

Bring a cookie sheet
This might sound weird but if you bring a cookie sheet, the kids can use it as a desktop for coloring or a table top for eating and it will keep everything neat and organized.

Make a pit-stop-kit
Take a laundry basket and fill it up with a baseball and catcher's mit or some jump ropes so when you make a pit stop, you and the kids can stretch your legs with something fun and active.

Parents, especially you fathers out there, be realistic with your expectations when it comes to road-tripping. Do not get your kids up at the crack of dawn expecting them to sleep through the trip. Kids are creatures of habit and that follow a routine and when they are up it disrupts the routine. Plus you will be tired and that's how accidents happen. So make sure the road trip is part of your vacation, not just a way to get from point A to point B.

One way to help with that road trip experience is to download the RaceTrac app. It helps with pit stops by offering coupons and deals so when you get a chance to take a break you can fill up with coffee and some food.