He Thought Dad Forgot His Birthday — Then Dad Pulls Off Surprise that Leaves Everyone in Tears

PHILADELPHIA — A Pennsylvania father pulled off an awesome birthday surprise — and the video is going viral.

Braheim apparently thought his dad, Bra Fowler, forgot his 12th birthday. In the video, a dejected Braheim is shown getting in a vehicle with his dad to head to his baseball game.

“We got a big game today!” the dad can be heard saying to his son as they walk to the vehicle.

“You still mad at me?” the dad asks his son. “For what? You alright?”

The dad then tells his son to get a bag out of the trunk. The boy gets out of the car, opens the trunk — and that’s when he finds out his dad didn’t forget his birthday.

The boy immediately sees an Amazon box. Inside? A brand new baseball bat.

Braheim is overcome with emotion.

“Don’t cry! You’re about to make me cry!” the dad says to his son.

Fowler shared the video on his Facebook page, where it has been viewed over 5 million times. He wrote:

“Just gave my son his present before we went to the game.. it got emotional like I thought.. love this kid..”

A copy of the video shared on Twitter has been retweeted over 9,000 times.

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