Hillary Clinton ‘Not a Leader’ Says Actress Rosario Dawson

July 25, 2016 | Updated: 7:51 p.m., July 25, 2016

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While most celebrities head to express their support for the former secretary of state through speeches or performances, actress Rosario Dawson, who is a die-hard Bernie Sanders supporter, said she heads to Philadelphia to protest. Dawson spoke out against the DNC on Twitter since emails were leaked by Wikileaks that show DNC staffers favoring Clinton over Sanders.

Clinton, Dawson said, is “not a leader. She is a follower.¬†She follows public opinion on things. If we stay strong … our revolution is dependent on your time, energy. Your blood, sweat and tears,” she said.
¬†Dawson, who was arrested at a “Democracy Spring” protest in April outside the White House, told The New York Times Thursday that she wouldn’t mind getting attested again because she said it makes an impact.

“I am definitely going to the DNC, and I’ll definitely be protesting outside of the DNC,” Dawson said.