Make Restaurant Style Pizza in Your Oven

If you like places where you can control what goes into your food, like Subway or Chipotle, then Pie Five Pizza is a great place to go. You can choose to customize your own pizza or pick from one of the signature pizzas on their menu. One of their fan favorite pizzas is the Athenian, here's how you make it!

minced garlic
banana pepper
red onions
kalamata olives
sundried tomatoes (optional)
feta cheese
tomato puree
olive oil

Add some olive oil on top of your pizza dough, spread it evenly. Then add these toppings: minced garlic, mozzarella, chicken, banana pepper, red onions, and kalamata olives. You may add sundried tomatoes for extra flavor. Then bake the pizza and when it's ready you can add the fresh basil and feta cheese on top. Then finish it off with a tomato puree.

If you don't feel like making this awesome pizza, you can always visit a Pie Five Pizza near you and order it yourself!

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