Fashion Retailer Zara Accused of Stealing From Independent Artists

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More than 20 independent artists and designers believe their work may have been copied by clothing company Zara.

Artist Adam Kurtz saw an uncanny resemblance between a pin he created in 2015 and one that Zara debuted a few weeks ago.

“It is a really weird feeling when your art is stolen, or allegedly stolen,” Kurtz told PIX11. “Because it’s so personal, its creative expression, it comes from the heart.”

Kurtz says Zara took down the near look-alike pin from their site when he contacted them; but then he noticed other designs sold by Zara that strongly resembled the creations of some of his friends from the design scene.

He created a graphic that shows the over 40 original designs and alleged copies or near-duplicates by Zara.

Eye Opener reached out to their international offices in Spain for a response to the allegations. They did not immediately return our message.

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