Currently Listening To: The Sherlocks, JONES, ASTR

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First up is a British indie-alternative band from Sheffield, England. The Sherlocks is a band consisting of two sets of brothers. They’ve gotten a lot of airplay back home and played one of their first US shows at South By Southwest. Here’s their single for “Heart of Gold.” Check it out.

This next songstress is also from the UK. JONES is still new to the music scene but her serene R&B pop sound is already make waves. She’s working on her debut album titled “New Skin” set to release later this year. Here’s the live version of her latest single “Melt.”

Our last duo hails from the big apple. ASTR is a synth-pop duo who met each other in a yoga class. They soon realized they share a love for music along with movie scores, Miami Vice, and urban dreamscape. Here’s their single called “Activate Me.” Take a listen.

That’s all the music we have for you this week but let us know what you’re currently listening to on our Facebook page.