Fire Alarm Interrupts Live TV Broadcast

The second hour of Eye Opener TV got off to an unusual start this morning. The hosts opened the show with a fire alarm blaring in the background. (As if your alarm clock wasn't annoying enough!)

Meteorologist Kevin Roth wondered if someone was popping popcorn, a common culprit for most office fire alarms. Hilary Kennedy and Neeha Curtis had someone check their curling irons in the makeup room.

Turns out, it was a false alarm and the studio wasn't actually on fire.

Neeha had to power through her "News in 60 Seconds" segment before tossing to Laila Muhammad for a story on the disgusting conditions facing Olympic athletes in Rio.  Oliver Tull and Kevin weren't helping. They added to the fire alarm noise in Laila's ears as she tried to get through the story.

Four minutes into the show, the blaring siren finally stopped. Check out all the hilarity that ensued in the extended clip above.

And, as a public service announcement, be sure to check your smoke detector batteries twice a year. And always evacuate the building when you hear a fire alarm.

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