The Answer To Every Political Question You’re Googling This Week

July 27, 2016 | Updated: 11:14 a.m., July 27, 2016

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From Michelle Obama, to Bernie Sanders and email leaks, there is so much that everyone is talking about during this week’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. And when people start talking, they inevitably have a lot of questions. And that leads to a lot of googling.

Eye Opener brought in Google political search trends expert Daniel Sieberg to give us some insight on what people are asking about during this week’s DNC.

Sieberg said people are clearly watching the DNC on TV while also on their mobile devices.

Among the people being searched, Bernie Sanders has been the number one search term this week. Michelle Obama was number two.

Some of the First Lady-themed searches included fact checking a part from her speech earlier this week. “Did slaves build the White House?” and “Who built the White House” were among the searched terms.

“We saw people doing a ‘citizen fact check,’ if you will,” Sieberg said. “They were checking to see if what she said was true. That’s the kind of thing we see a lot in this election cycle.”


And the answer is yes, slaves did help build the White House.

Top trending questions around Hillary Clinton:
Where was Hillary Clinton born?
Is Hillary for TPP?
Who is Hillary’s VP?
Will Sanders supporters vote Clinton?
How do I volunteer for Hillary Clinton?

For those who know that Tim Kaine is Hillary’s vice presidential pick, they're asking: 
If Kaine becomes VP who will replace him in the Senate?
Who is Clinton’s Vice President?
Is Tim Kaine and atheist?
Why did Hillary Choose Tim Kaine?
What does Trump call Tim Kaine?


For the record, Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago, she no longer supports TPP (although she once did), most Sanders supporters will likely vote Clinton and you can sign up to volunteer for Hillary Clinton’s campaign on her website.

As far as Tim Kaine goes: Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe will appoint someone to the office, he is not an atheist and Trump calls him “Corrupt Kaine.”