This Wristband Tracks Your Drunk Levels

So you’re out at a bar having tons of fun but you’re having a little too much fun. You couldn't have had any more than a few drinks but in actuality you were a couple drinks past drunk. Next thing you know your a little more turnt than you wanted to be.

Well, our friends over at discovered a new wristband, similar to a Fitbit, that will monitor your levels of drunkenness.

Very similar to the FitBit telling you when you’ve hit your daily steps, the BACtrack Skyn will let you know when you’ve reached your alcohol limits. This wristband tracks the levels of ethanol leaving your skin and sends push notifications to your phone when you’ve reached a certain level of BAC.

If you’re that person who can’t keep track of how many drinks you’ve had..this nifty gadget is available for pre-order.