What are BRAMi Beans and are They Good For You?

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There are two types of snacks: snacks that are good for you and snacks you want to eat.  Well, there's a new snack called BRAMi Beans and they hope to bridge the gap between healthy and tasty.  But do they succeed?

First off, some background on BRAMi Beans.  Made from Lupini Beans, this snack goes back to ancient Egypt, and was even used as a main source of protein by Roman warriors.  They pack 35 calories, 4 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein per serving, making them very good for you.

Available in Sea Salt, Chili Lime, Hot Pepper, and Garlic & Herb, BRAMi Beans definitely have a bean taste to them.  Unfortunately, the other flavors seem to coat the beans in a weird oil that isn't the worst thing we've tasted, but not the best, either.

Bottom line; BRAMi Beans are a decent try if you're wanting something different and healthy for snack time.  However, if you love Twinkies, don't expect to fall in love with these beans.