A Girl Tried to Instagram Like Selena Gomez and Here’s What She Learned

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A while back, Julianne Ishler from Dose.com did a social media experiment. She tried Instagramming like Selena Gomez to see if she could increase her follow count but also to see how difficult it is to compose a picture for posting. We got to chat with her about her experience.

What made you decide to recreate Selena Gomez's Instagram posts?
I'm such a Selena Gomez fan girl but the idea behind it was, since I do not have a lot of Instagram followers I thought 'if I follow in the footsteps of Selena Gomez...' who's the number one most followed person on Instagram, '...then maybe I can get a bunch of followers too.'

So you recreated a lot of photos from her Instagram account, what was the hardest part?
I mean I tried my best, a lot of them were really hard and they took half an hour to recreate.

How critical do you think Instagram has been to Selena Gomez's success?
This girl makes half a million dollars for every sponsored Instagram post that she does.

Do you have any tips for those of us that wants to step up our Instagram game?
Just don't take it too seriously and be yourself. If you're trying so hard to stumble into the perfect lighting...it's never going to happen.

What's the final thing you learned about yourself?
Being true to myself was probably the biggest thing that I learned but also I think it's really cool to see the human side of it. Like Selena is taking these pictures and it could be taking her half an hour to do each of these poses but I think it's important for young girls especially to know that no one is perfect. Selena is not taking the perfect photo right away, neither am I, and neither is everyone else.