Science Has Figured Out a Way to Make Milk Stay Fresh for 63 Days

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Scientists have developed a new method of pasteurizing milk that will keep it fresh for two months.  The current shelf life is only about three weeks.

Research at the University of Purdue, in Indiana, published in the journal SpringerPlus said the secret is spraying droplets through a hot, pressurized chamber exposing them to 162.86 degrees for .02 seconds instead of the usual way of boiling milk for 145 degrees for 30 seconds.

Researchers says this new way wipes out nearly every microbial agent that causes milk to spoil; and whatever nasties do survive are at such a low level that it takes a lot longer for them to multiply .

Some current milk products– like lactose-free milk– are “ultra pasteurized,” which involves heating milk at 280 degrees for two seconds before rapidly chilling it back down.

The scientists at Purdue think this new method could reduce waist and allow milk to be shipped to farther destinations.

There’s no word on when this new longer-life milk could hit store shelves.