‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Frank Oceans’ Sophomore Album Expected Friday

August 1, 2016 | Updated: 8:40 a.m., August 2, 2016

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The long-awaited Frank Ocean follow-up album may finally be here!

The New York Times says the grammy-winning R&B singer’s long-delayed sophomore disc, “boys Don’t Cry,” will be released Friday on apple music. Ocean’s album is expected to remain exclusive to Apple for only two weeks before becoming more widely available.

“Boys Don’t Cry” is one of the year’s most anticipated new albums, and Mr. Ocean’s first since “Channel Orange” in 2012.

The album announcement came on the heels of an Apple Music-hosted live stream video on Ocean’s website boysdontcry.co, set in an empty room with workbenches and occasional background noises.

No confirmation yet from Def Jam, Ocean’s label.