‘Don’t Touch Me’ Former Trump Campaign Advisor Yells At Female CNN Guest

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Tense debate on CNN new day Monday.

The topic Donald Trump’s feud with the parents of a slain Muslim American soldier.

The Republican Presidential candidate is taking fire from both parties after he criticized Khizr and Ghazala Khan for their statements about him at the Democratic National Convention.

The khans’ son– army captain Humayun Khan– was killed in 2004… in a battle in Baghdad.

Trump’s criticism of the couple caused some to condemn his statement… and others to stand with him.

That’s when a major spat happened on air between Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Lewandowski and Quinn exchange words on air with Lewandowski telling Quinn not to touch him.


“You’ve gotta relax a little bit.”

Danger, Corey. Danger.

“I do not have to relax!” Quinn responded, raising her voice and brushing Lewandowski’s hand with her own.

“Excuse me, don’t touch me! Don’t touch me,” Lewandowski warned.

Oh, calm down with you,” Quinn, speaking for us all, snapped back