Menagerié: Men’s Lingerie Is a Thing!

LOS ANGELES, CA - When it comes to the subject of men wearing lingerie, it really hasn’t been brought up. But now it seems like someone does think it's something worth taking a peek into.

Men’s lingerie, better known as Menagerié, has flipped the script on intimates. We know you’re thinking that it sounds ridiculous but it’s a little more complex than a pair of tighty-whities.

After searching for something silky to wear and coming up short, Roman Sipe, the designer behind the line, brought Menagerié to the scene about two years ago.

The goal: bring elegance without losing any of the masculinity. Now, Menagerié offers teeny, tiny, tights, a fragrance, underwear, loungewear and the ever so popular waist trainer!

So far, people are either in love with it or hate it. Some people don’t see the need for it.  Maybe, we'll get a better idea how this plays out next Valentine’s Day!

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