‘Carter High’ Director and Writer Talks About the History Behind the Movie

August 2, 2016 | Updated: 12:39 p.m., August 2, 2016

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Carter High School is one of Texas's best high school football teams but we haven't really gotten a true telling of their story. Until now. You might remember them from the movie "Friday Night Lights" as the team that beat Odessa, but that's probably about all you know. We sat down with Arthur Muhammad, director and writer for the movie "Carter High," to talk about his new film and his experience playing on the team back in 1988.

Tell us about Carter High.
Well, Carter High is about a Texas high school football team, as a matter of fact, the best Texas high school football team. And if you ever saw the movie Friday Night Lights, it's the team that beat Odessa Permian at the end at the state championship. Although we beat them at the semi finals and not the state championship. A lot of people don't realize that until they see Carter High.

What was so controversial about this team and their road to the championship?
We had a player that was deemed ineligible but it was a grading controversy. Well our parents filed injunctions to keep us playing in the playoffs so we were kicked out, back in, kicked out, back in, kicked out, back in. Eventually we won state and then unfortunately some bad things happened after that.

So some of the players were involved in armed robberies or a string of robberies and ultimately went on to prison.

What do you think it was that maybe made them think that they were invincible, that they didn't have to have the grades, that they could go out and do those robberies?
So I remember talking to them after the fact and them saying "man I don't know why I did it." But then when you hear the story I think personally it's that whisper. When your friend  whisper that  negative thing to you, and most of the time it comes from a friend, and when you ponder that thought and let it germinate and it take root, you find yourself doing something and then you look up and be like "how in the world did I get?" Well because you pondered that negative thought whereas as soon as it gets in you should have got that thought out of your head immediately so you didn't act on it.

Any final thoughts or messages you want people to take away from this film?
Be an open door for children and make conversations with them.


"Carter High" comes out on DVD August 2nd so make sure you pick it up and enjoy the rich history of Texas's best high school football team.