Umpire Bob Davidson Stops Game to Eject Heckler in Stands

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Bob Davidson. Fans love to hate him, but from now on they better keep their emotions in check.

At Tuesday night’s Giants-Phillies a fan was heckling Davidson and he was having none of that!

The Umpire called a timeout and approached the Giants dugout. It looked like he was going to confront a Giants player, but that wasn’t the case.

Davidson walked towards the dugout and pointed out a fan who was yelling at him, according to NBC Sports. Ballpark Security handled the incident very quickly. They came through the stands and escorted the fan out.

It is not the first time Davidson ejected a fan. He ejected a Milwaukee fan in 2010 for using a homophobic slur against a visiting player.

Lots of people had lots to say about the incident. Many baseball fans, among them Davidson haters, thought he was flexing his authority just a bit much!

But Davidson may have had a good reason for ejecting the fan from the game.