Customers Upset Totino’s Pizza Roll Bags Don’t Have 40 Rolls As Stated

Playing with our food is like playing with our emotions. People are beyond ticked after finding out they’ve been cheated in the number pizza rolls they get in a bag of Totino’s pizza rolls.

According to Uproxx, It was Daniel Miller, a Los Angeles Times reporter, who first stumbled on this quiet riot.  He tweeted Wednesday: “Whatever plagues you, know this: ppl are furious over their 40-count bags of Totino’s pizza rolls including just 39.” He posted several pictures of tweets in defense of his claims.

Don’t know how Miller stumbled on this but this pizza roll shortage is real and people are NOT happy.

This guy was cheated more than the average consumer:

Totinos has not shied away from this issue. They’ve worked really hard to respond to many of the complaints and even offered replacement bags. They also offered up their sorry excuse for why the bag doesn’t have 40 pizza rolls.



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