Michaels Pulls Sign About Daddys Off The Shelf After It’s Considered Risque

August 3, 2016 | Updated: 2:02 a.m., August 3, 2016

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Is this sign sweet or sexy? Respectful or Risque? Crafts store Michaels is pulling a sign from their shelves after the sexual nature was pointed out on social media.

A couple found a sign in a Michaels store that read: “My Prince did come and his name is Daddy.”

Here’s the picture:


This couple thought the sign was a bit sexual and said as much in the Tumblr caption, “Michaels is truly a family store We laughed so hard when we found this.”

If you don’t get what all the hoopla is about let’s break it down. Yes, you call your father Daddy, but some women call a lover, especially an older man, Daddy too. A wealthy older lover is considered a Suger Daddy, which is likely what this the two in the picture felt like this sign was referring to.

Michaels blushed and removed the item from their shelves and sent out the subsequent tweet,


Many other made the Daddy as a lover reference too.


There were several others who thought this sign was cute and innocent.

Either way, Micheals wanted to safe and not sorry.