Here’s What Happened When This Guy Quit Complaining for a Week

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Have you ever tried to stop complaining just to see what would happen? Maybe you made a New Year's resolution once to wipe out whining ? If you stuck with it, you will probably be able to relate to Mathew Jedeikin from, who experimented with trying not to complain for an entire week. If you've never tried giving up complaining, it might be worth a shot. Here's what Matthew learned from his one week experience.

Why did you give up on complaining?
It actually came about because of a recent argument I had with my best friend in Costa Rica. We were lounging by the pool all morning and our quiet time was interrupted by a really loud wedding party. They were so loud that it ruined my reading time and they were smoking in the non-smoking section and I became really enraged and I launched a marathon of complaining. By dinner time my friend totally called me out and said that I was ruining her evening as well because of my complaining. It was like an a-ha moment. I thought that I really don't need to be complaining this much.

How many times did you catch yourself complaining before it became a habit?
Oh god, it was like dozens. It just rolled off of me everything that this wedding party was doing and I had a negative reaction to and I was just glaring. I didn't realize anything was up until my friend totally called me out.

Did you find out that most of our complaints are usually petty?
Yeah, or they could be reorganized as constructive criticism not necessarily as complaints. But like a critique with some kind of positive aspect.

Have you kept up the not complaining or have you reverted back to complaining?
I've definitely reverted back a little, I think that I like trying to be a bit more positive and not focusing on negative and looking for ways to express myself that aren't necessarily complaints and thinking twice about what I post to Snapchat but I've definitely not keeping up with the no complaining.

Would you suggest everyone try this experiment?
I think it was a good experience. I've read that some people do no complaining for like 21 days or for a month and yeah I think it's definitely a good experiment and to try and look for more positive and to think twice about the things you post to Snapchat and Instagram.

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