Robbie Amell Talks New Movie ‘Nine Lives’ and New Netflix Project

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You might know him as Deathstorm from CW's "The Flash," or as that guy who never wears a shirt (like ever), but he's in a new movie called "Nine Lives" and we got a chance to chat with him about the film and what other projects he has going on.

Tell us what Nine Lives is about.
I am not a cat person to start, I'm super allergic but I didn't tell them that before I booked the movie. It's a movie about kind of an overworked, slightly neglecting father who gets turned into...uh...Kevin Spacey who gets turned into a cat by Christopher Walken and is kinda forced to learn about his family and really see what he's been missing.

What's it like working with Kevin a cat?
Well, working with Kevin Spacey was amazing, working with Kevin Spacey as a cat was just working with a cat. I didn't learn quite as much from the cat as I did from Kevin Spacey.

You have such a huge fanbase, I bet they would love to know about some of your new upcoming projects.
I have a few movies coming out later this year, one is called The Babysitter and another movie from Netflix called ARQ where I keep reliving the same three hours over and over again.

Will the shirt be on or off?
The Babysitter, I am shirtless the entire time for no reason at all. The kid even asks why I'm shirtless and nobody answers him. And ARQ I believe I keep my clothes on the entire time which was a real treat.

You've been engaged for two years and you're getting married soon, how's the wedding planning?
Oh I'm doing everything, I'm really handling the whole thing from start to finish and if Italia was here she'd tell you I'm lying. I'm just saying yes to anything that she wants but she's got a great wedding planner and the wedding's coming together and it's going to be amazing.

Nine Lives comes out today so definitely go check your local theater for showtimes.