How To Get Your Workplace Crush To Notice You

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You know, when you go to work, you're spending all day with the same people; having shared experiences, gossiping, even hating the same boss. Sometimes you see your WORK family more than your REAL family and non-work friends.

So, it's NO WONDER people get work crushes. But what do you do when you're trying to get your work crushes to notice you? Well, our friends at have some ideas...

First, wish them a happy birthday! Just make sure to do it on their birthday.

Next, try changing your hair until they notice you.

If you're in an elevator with your crush, press all the buttons to spend more time in there with them! This totally won't annoy them at all!

Call a meeting with just the two of you! You can tell them you're promoting them to be your significant other!


Show you live dangerously by pulling the fire alarm – actually, no. Don't do this. Seriously. It's illegal.

In fact, it's important before starting up an office romance to check your company rules and make sure you can't get fired for it. And as far as THIS LIST goes, it's just a bit of fun. Don't take it seriously.