What We Can Learn From Celebrity Divorces

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Divorces seems to be a common thing in America but they're not always public knowledge. Sometimes it takes getting to know someone before they'll willingly admit they are divorced, but you know who doesn't have that privacy? Celebrities. So we got a chance to talk to the authors of "Divorce in Peace" John and Laura Roach. John's a District Court Judge and Laura's a Family Law Attorney and here's what they have to say about divorces!

How do people react when divorce is put on the table?
J: Well they react in a bunch of different ways. They either act crazy, they act sad and angry and all those emotions go into that. 46,000 divorces occur every week in the United States, that's about 13 per second and so that's a very very significant issue in our country.
L: And with gay divorceĀ it's only going to go up cause more people can get married now.

So if that's put on the table, what should they do?
L: Well I think the first thing they need to do is figure out what the real issues are so they need to sit and talk to their spouse and do kind of an informal settlement. If that doesn't work then they can go to mediation either with a lawyer or without a lawyer and try to get the case settled. And if that doesn't work there's a process called collaborate law and you sit down with your lawyer and your spouse's lawyer and each spouse talks about , as a team, how the case can get settled.
J: Yea that's really what the core of the book is that, hey listen, let's don't have a nasty, mean divorce because it's gonna affect you financially. In fact you lose 77% of your wealth because of divorce.

What can we learn about celebrities who get divorced?
J: Well you can learn different things from different ones of them because some of them don't do that. Johnny Depp is going through a divorce right now, he's selling his 11 million dollar mansion to pay for his divorce. Well you don't want to do it that way. But what Gwyneth Paltrow did was conscious uncoupling. That is taking a deep breath, seeing what's best for your family, keeping it private, try to work out the issues, and see if you can't resolve it outside the public eye is number one, and outside the courtroom.
L: I've been involved with celebrity type divorces. They have all the same issues you and I have, I just think they have an added pressure and added opportunity to things that aren't necessarily right.
J: Some stars they hear divorce for the very first time from the publicist, and who does that?

You can find John and Laura's book "Divorce in Peace" on their website.