Man Constantly Plagued With Request For Him To Be Quiet So Neighbors’ Baby Can Sleep

August 9, 2016 | Updated: 1:18 a.m., August 10, 2016

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Imagine not being able to make hardly any noise in your apartment because of a baby. A baby that doesn’t even live with you. One man is at his wits ends because his moves in his own home are confined to the schedule of his neighbors’ baby.

Imgur user ChefShwasty, shared on the site text message request he’s received from neighbors. He’s constantly asked to be silent when their little one is taking a nap.

Although the man has been compliant with their requests he admits that he has now reached the point where he believes that they are being unreasonable.


ChefShwasty explained that when moving into his apartment, he met his neighbor, a mother, who lived below him. He advised her to let him know if he was being too noisy. She took him for his word.
He revealed: ‘The very next morning, I receive the text. I was chopping onions for a vegetable stew I was making for dinner later that night, and apparently it was too much.’



Another message reads: ‘Lol. Watcha watching? Sounds dramatic ;).’

To which he replied: ‘I’m at work. Must be the girlfriend. I can ask her to turn it down if you’d like?’

He continued: ‘Texts like these became frequent. I changed my schedule around a lot so I could fit some drum time in.

‘Most times, I would even wait for them to leave so that I could drum. I got a lot of these within a minute of starting. My practice dropped to once a week, sometimes not for a few weeks.’


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One message read: ‘Shoot! We just got home and she had fallen asleep in the car. She’s napping now. Do you mind holding off a little longer?’

The Imgur user replied: ‘Say no more. I’m quiet.’

Once this neighbor got this off his chest, many other Imgur users gave their advice.
User picklesmcboots338 said: ‘Start randomly screaming in the middle of the night and claim your drum kit is an outlet for your night terrors.’
User jonthemonk pointed out: ‘A lot of people don’t realise you are under no obligation to actually answer texts, phone calls or the door. Ignore everything!’

Another member suggested getting the police involved.

FreyaBear said: ‘This is harassment. Go to the cops, file a report, show them these texts…. Explain the situation.. if you need to press charges later.’