Michelle Williams Plays ‘Poor Michelle’ in New Foot Locker Commercial with Draymond Green

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In a new Foot Locker commercial all about “standing out,” Michelle Williams plays a version of herself still struggling for the limelight. It’s a bit uncomfortable and we’re having a hard time figuring out exactly why she agreed to do it, unless the money was just that good.

The spot starts out with basketball great Horace Grant chatting up NBA pro Draymond Green.

Grant says to Green, “with all those MVPs on your team, you’ve got to find a way to stand out.” Williams then makes her way into the conversation adding, “he’s right, you know.” Before there’s any chance to wonder where this whole thing is going, Horace Grant looks back at Williams and says, “actually, I’m okay for right now. Draymond, would you care for something?,” mistaking Williams for a waitress.

She is then tasked with explaining to the two that she is, in fact, Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child and is not working as a waitress. The guys let out a collective “ohhh!” as they realize their mistake. But, of course, the commercial can’t end without one more jab at Michelle.

Without hesitation, Draymond Green looks at Williams and asks, “hey, you think you could introduce me to B…” before getting cut off. It’s pretty clear he was about to say “Beyonce,” if the look on Michelle Williams’ face is any clue.

The commercial’s description on the official Foot Locker YouTube channel reads,

“Draymond Green gets some advice on standing out from a couple of people who know what it’s like to be surrounded by talent. It’s all about standing out in Nike gear from Foot Locker. #APPROVED

Watch the video below and let us know what you think. Is in insulting or is Michelle Williams just owning her “brand?”

Let’s just hope Michelle is laughing her way to the bank after this one.