New App Lets You Play Laser Tag on Your Phone

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Laser tag is ridiculously fun, but you usually have to go to a place that charges you an arm and a leg for five minutes of stumbling around in the dark.

Since the game first debuted in 1984, technology and our habits have changed drastically. That's why the game's creator, George Carter, is now working to give his hit game a 21st century makeover.

When George first got laser tag going, he says it really did change the world. Despite the heavy vests, head gear, and a blaster that weighed as much as a toddler, laser tag really took off. Now there's a revolution on the horizon.

Meet the brand new game TZUUM. It works just like laser tag, but only requires your phone and some earbuds. The game uses GPS allowing you to play outdoors, block attacks, reload, and fire multiple weapons, including a helicopter, with just a twist of your wrist.

TZUUM should be available to download soon, and if you anything like our EO hosts, you'll have a blast trying it out with your friends.