TV Dinners: Just Like the Box or Culinary Flop?

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You wander through your grocer's freezer and see all kinds of tasty-looking meals on display. The pictures are so colorful, juicy, and irresistible. So, you buy them! But do the finished (microwaved) products turn out looking as good as they do on the box? Who better to test it out than Kevin Roth? He took six popular frozen food items from the store and put each of them to the test.

1. Lean Cuisine Lasagna with Meat Sauce

On the surface the lasagna looks great. It's cheesy, the right color, but once you dig in, the layers are a bit flat.


2. Boston Market Salisbury Steak

This hearty meal contains exactly what it shows - salisbury steak and mac and cheese. The steaks have the same grill marks on them, but the sauce doesn't look as red as it does on the box. It almost looks like barbecue sauce in the picture. The mac and cheese is pretty much spot on.


3. Chili's Nacho Potatoes with Beef & Bacon

The colors of this meal are all there after being heated up. But the consistency of the potato and beef skillet is a bit watery compared to the box.


4. Amy's Black Bean Vegetable Enchiladas

The Amy's Enchilada came out of the microwave looking pretty good and very close to the box. There is parsley, just like the picture and two plump enchiladas. What you see is what you get on the inside of the enchiladas, too.


5. T.G.I. Friday's Chicken Sliders

The sliders are a good size, but the chicken basically disappears into the buns. The breaded chicken and cheese don't show as much as the photo on the box.


6. Healthy Choice Beef Teriyaki

By far, this meal is the closest in real life to how it appears on the box. After you mix the hot meal contents together you get, more or less, a picture-perfect representation of what's on the box. You win, Healthy Choice!


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