Billy Ray Cyrus Talks New TV Show, New Album, & Miley Cyrus

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Billy Ray Cyrus told us about his "Achy Breaky Heart" back in the 90s but now he's got his own show, a new album, and a daughter that's making headlines of her own.

Eye Opener's Hilary Kennedy  got a chance to chat with the man and sad to say, he didn't have any updates on a possible Miley/Liam wedding.  But he did mention his new album, "Thin Line," which comes out next month.  The title track will even be featured on the season finale of his CMT show airing later this week called, "Still The King".

When asked to sum up the show in one sentence he described it as "a thin line between Elvis and Jesus".  He then found that a "thin line" could describe much more of lives situations as well.  Sometimes, as Billy says, there's a "thin line between rich and poor, happy and sad, or good and bad".  While his album was intended to be a sort of tribute to his country music heroes he also found that many of the songs tread that thin line of "art imitating life, imitating art".

Billy's character on "Still The King", Vernon Brownmule, is a washed up one hit wonder/Elvis impersonator who poses as a minister.  As strange as it sounds, when asked if he shared any similarities with his character on the show, he again mentioned that thin line saying, "there's  a lot of Billy Ray Cyrus in Vernon Brown, and a lot of Vernon Brown in Billy Ray Cyrus.  There's a thin line between the two".