Can You Electrocute Yourself To Quit Bad Habits?

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There's almost nothing more difficult to change about ourselves than our bad habits. Telling yourself, "I'll be good -- no more sweets!" usually just isn't enough. That's why one of the newest and coolest pieces of wearable tech is the Pavlok.

It's a wristband that uses vibration, beeps, taps, and small zaps to help you stop all those bad habits. Whether you're trying to quit smoking, quit biting your nails, eat better, or spend less, the Pavlok can help.

Eye Opener's Oliver Tull says he eats too many sweets, so he wore the Pavlok for over a month.  The verdict?  It works.  It's been over a month since he's had any sweets. He didn't even have cake at his own birthday party.

The only downside is the Pavlok doesn't like water. Oliver's Pavlok stopped working after wearing it outside on a hot day and it got some sweat on it. Other than that, it works beautifully and could be the thing to finally help you reach your personal goals.