Check Out This Cool New Way to Grill: The ‘FireDisc’

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Who better to think out of the box and craft a new benchmark of quality for the BBQ industry than renowned Chef Conor Moran of FireDisc Grills? He showed us how the FireDisc is taking grilling to a new level and shared a few must-know grilling safety tips.

1. Check your propane tanks and hoses. If you are firing up your propane tank for the first time, or after a long time, check for leaks. You can easily do this by mixing soap and water in a spray bottle and spraying the hoses and connectors. If bubbles start to form, then you have a leak. You will want to tighten all connections to the tank or replace the faulty hoses entirely. 

2. Make sure you have about 3 feet of space around you when cooking on the grill. You don't want a game of horseshoes to cause the grill to tumble over onto anyone or the grass.

3. If you are traveling with raw food make sure you have a high quality cooler that stays below, at least, 41° Fahrenheit.

4. Have a separate spot for cooked and raw meat to avoid cross-contamination.

5. Always have a meat thermometer on-hand to test the internal temperature of the food you're cooking. You can also test the internal temperature before it's cooked to be sure there aren't any dangers.

6. Bamboo or wooden cutting boards are preferable to plastic cutting boards. Bamboo won't dull your knife as much and won't allow as much scarring. The dark scarring and slits in plastic or wooden cutting boards is a result of bacteria. These need to be discarded immediately and replaced with a new board.

7. If you are traveling and need a portable grill solution try out a FireDisc grill. They are versatile, portable and break down into three pieces for easy travel.

For more information on FireDisc Grills head over to their website.