A Man Released From Jail and An Elephant’s Birthday To Brighten Your Day

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It seems like there's always terrible things on the news, but that's not always true.

For instance, at age 15 Johnny Small was put behind bars, charged and convicted of murdering a woman in a fish store. However, he always said he was innocent, telling WECT, “I know it wasn't me, I'll put my life on that.”  28 years later, a judge ruled there wasn't enough evidence to keep him in prison – so now he's out on house arrest.

His attorney, Christine Mumma says, “we believe he is completely innocent, so, it's a step towards justice but there is a bigger step that needs to be taken.” And while those next steps aren't up to Johnny, he's enjoying finally being out of prison. The thing he's looking forward to the most? "...taking a hot bath."

An elephant recently celebrated its birthday in an out-of-this-world fashion at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah. Zuri the elephant's 7th birthday part featured a happy birthday banner and several Star Wars decorations, including a Darth Vader stand-up. The birthday wasn't just a cute way of celebrating another year for Zuri, but it was a way to celebrate world elephant day and also raise awareness for the dangers faced by African elephants. For more information on that, check out 96Elephants.

See, there's good news everywhere... you just have to know where to look.