New App Makes Going to the Movies Even More Social

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We all love going to the movies, but sometimes just making sure everyone is on the same page is a pain.  That's where the new app Atom Tickets comes in.

The app was co-founded by Matthew Bakal, a former big shot at Lionsgate Studios. Matthew and the other good people at Atom Tickets wanted to create an app to do two things: make going to the movies fun and easy.

With Atom Tickets, you can easily find the movie you want to see, check where it's playing near you, pick your seats, find which of your friends have seen it, and even order your snacks right from the app.  When you get to the theater, scan the code, and you're done.  Walk in, grab your treats and prepare yourself for a cinematic adventure.

The Atom Tickets app is FREE on the Apple App Store and Google Play.  For more information on the app, check out their website.