This Dentist Uses a Therapy Dog to Keep Patients Calm

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You may heard of therapy dogs stopping by hospitals or nursing homes, but now a few dentists are using them to help patients chill out. Laila Muhammad got to meet Dr. Randy Spoonmore, DDS, and his dog Amos, who has been roaming around Dr. Randy's office for about for years now.

Dr. Randy says having Amos close by helps many patients, both adults and children, calm down while he works on their teeth. The idea actually came from patients who suggested bringing a dog in the office. When a patient comes into Randy's office and sits down in the dentist's chair, Amos jumps right to action. He hops in their lap and stays there throughout the entire procedure. Whether it's a cleaning or something longer and more complicated, Amos is there.

Dr. Randy has even had blood pressure cuffs on patients and saw that while Amos was on their lap, their blood pressure would go down. For Dr. Randy's small practice, having a therapy dog around has worked out very well. He hopes more Dentists will bring a dog to help patients.