25 Most Popular Unisex Baby Names on The Rise

Unisex baby names are so 2016. According to The New York Times and Today more and more parents are opting to give their babies a gender neutral name.

The numbers seem to bear this out. Researchers at Nameberry analyzed the baby name registry from the Social Security Administration and found that the number of babies given unisex names like Harper, Tatum and Quinn had risen 60 percent in the last decade, to 67,831 babies in 2015.

So what are the most popular names? Well according to names compiled from Social Security Data, theses names are the top 25:

1. Hayden

2. Charlie

3. Emerson

4. Rowan

5. Finley

6. River

7. Dakota

8. Skyler

9. Phoenix

10. Tatum

11. Justice

12. Milan

13. Lennon

14. Royal

15. Armani

16. Lennox

17. Oakley

18. Remy

19. Casey

20. Emory

21. Azariah

22. Landry

23. Briar

24. Baylor

25. Frankie


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