Mom Pens Epic Facebook Letter to Husband Before Leaving for ‘Girls’ Trip’

August 23, 2016 | Updated: 7:33 a.m., August 23, 2016

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Meghan Maza Oeser is just like every other hardworking mom with young children: from time to time she needs a break.

So recently she decided to take a much-needed "girls' weekend" with some friends and leave it up to her loyal hubby to hold down the home front. Before she left, she thought she'd offer a little advice for her husband who was about to assume all those seemingly impossible mom responsibilities. Except Meghan's note wasn't left on the refrigerator or by the front door. It was delivered in a public Facebook post.

And Meghan Oeser did not hold back.

"Nighttime, daytime, breakfast time, and somewhere around lunchtime can easily be mistaken for pure HELL, with Satan coming off as a My Little Pony in comparison," wrote Meghan.

But that was just the start.

"Dinner will suck. Bailey will want pizza, while Harper will ask for hotdogs. Quinn will cry when you say the word hotdog, and will insist on Mac n cheese (but not the orange kind or the white kind, but the purple kind). We'll be fresh out of the purple kind, so she'll then ask for toast. You'll already have started making mac n cheese for Penny, but since she heard Quinn ask for toast, she'll also want that toast. You'll end up tossing the Mac n cheese because Bailey got the stomach flu 5 years ago after eating the orange kind, and Harper prefers the white kind. You'll also forget about Harper because her friend Lily "unexpectedly" stopped by, so they went ripsticking down the street. Everyone will eat cereal for dinner, and Lily will come inside for a bandaid."

It gets better (or worse, depending on how you see it).

"Breakfast. Ha! Just as fun as dinner...if not worse. Get coffee. LOTS of coffee. You'll need it. Penny might want cereal, or she'll go for toast. Whatever you do...LET HER PICK HER SPOON. Chances are, Quinn will have the ULTIMATE spoon, and Penny will convince you that you've left her with the sh***iest spoon in the bunch. Sometimes I'll give her a fork, and then flip her off. Breakfast will be such a s**t show that you'll forget to eat, and begin to experience the caffeine shakes.

It's almost lunchtime. Just start drinking now.

Lather, rinse, and repeat. I'll see you Sunday."

So how did Meghan end up penning such a passionate note?  "I had a little too much to drink the night before," she told Eye Opener.

"I really wanted to tell him that the baby needs her diffuser set up. It's really important or she won't sleep. And it got out of control," said Meghan.


The post has since gone viral with more than 129,000 shares on Facebook. Read the full uncensored letter below.

Warning: the Facebook post below contains profanity.