Female TV Host Recieves Criticism for Wearing Same Dress, Reveals Double Standard

Men and women are oftentimes judged by very different standards. For instance, men on the red carpet are asked about their roles and work, while women get the question “who are you wearing?”

So when “How I met Your Mother” and “American Pie” star Allyison Hannigan wore the same blue dress on every episode of the CW’s "Penn & Teller Fool Us," the internet blew up with criticism.

Scores of people tweeted asking why she wears the same exact dress every week.

Hannigan herself even pointed it out when promoting the show saying,

But here’s the thing, it isn’t just the female host that wears the same dress.

Penn and Teller rock the same pin stripe suits in every single episode as well.

And guess what? The Internet couldn’t care less.

We scoured the Twitterverse for "Penn Teller same suit" and "Penn Teller same clothes" and absolutely nothing popped up.

This double standard on the Internet is nothing new. An Australian news anchor went so far as to wear the same suit for an entire year. He went mostly unnoticed and got no complaints. Then, like always, his female co-host got tons of comments about her clothes, makeup, and hair.

We even reached out to Penn & Teller, and one of their reps, Laura Foley, pointed out that people, “didn’t seem to notice our previous host Jonathan Ross wore the same suite for the first 2 seasons.” Yeah, two seasons, and Allison Hannigan can’t go more than two episodes without getting comments.

The truth is, most shows tape multiple episodes in a day, and while many do wardrobe changes, Penn & Teller did not.

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1 Comment

  • Dorian

    Double standard? Oh please, if she wore a pin stripe suit every week, it would make more sense. The blue dress was just surprising because no ones ever seen a tv show host wear the same thing every week.