Video Shows 5-year-old with Cerebral Palsy Standing without Walker for the First Time

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Kyle Sessions, personal trainer at The Pit Fitness Center, has been helping athletes, regular people, and even senior citizens get in shape for years.

One of his clients, Jake, holds a special place in his heart and the pair are now a hit on Facebook.

5-year-old Jake has cerebral palsy. You may have seen the video posted on Pit Fitness’ FB page of Kyle helping Jake stand up.

The two have been working together for a while, but this video marks the first time Jake was able to remain standing by himself.

Eye Opener’s Oliver Tull got a chance to talk with Kyle who told us when Jake first came into the gym, he had to be carried in.

“He was not even on a walker yet.  His nanny carried him inside the facility,” said Kyle.


Since then, Kyle has been collaborating with Jake’s Pediatric Physical Therapist in the hopes of getting Jake to a place where he can walk using a walker.

The special moment caught on video marks the first in many firsts for Jake, and you can’t help but see the excitement on his face. Kyle was pretty excited too, and told us that Jake inspires him.

“He gives me another reason to keep pushing, and to keep doing what I’m doing. To keep reaching out to people and all kinds of demographics,” said Kyle.